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Discipline. Respect. Commitment.

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Discipline. Respect. Commitment.<p><strong>Polaris Martial Arts</strong></p>


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Paige's Portrayal

My kids, along with myself, have been attending Polaris Martial Arts for a solid 2 months now. The instruction of the classes and quality of the lessons are 5 stars in itself. My absolute favorite ...

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LaFrance Horn Kee

My girls love taking Taekwondo here. They are not just learning how to defend themselves but how to show respect and about self esteem. Awesome team of instructors who care for their students....

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Todd Gregory

Wonderful place. They really love kids. Teach discipline, self defense, physical fitness....

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Cristina Rangel

My daughter started classes last year at 3 years old and she loves it. They are very patient with the little ones....

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Clint Glickley

My 9 year old daughter started 8 weeks ago, it has been amazing. Not just the martial arts but the self esteem, self defense, joy and leadership! With every Reasonable cent! The management of covid p...

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Gia Hayes

My son started attending Polaris Martial Arts in January of 2020 and has been hooked every since. I love how Master Mace and all the other instructors take time out with the kids and help build their ...

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Kids Martial Arts near Crete and Frankfort

Kids Martial Arts

Our Kids Martial Arts programs are designed to use Karate training to give kids the tools they need to succeed. Physical conditioning and mental exercises combine to form a confidence building experience your child will never forget! Just fill out the form on your screen and get started today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Crete and Frankfort

Family Martial Arts

Our Family Martial Arts classes offer fundamental martial arts training and an incredible way for you and your family to bond. This class is great for people all across Crete. No prior experience is required.

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Kids Martial Arts near Crete and Frankfort

Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts classes offer professional instruction that doesn't leave anyone behind. We're helping people all across Crete find success one step at a time. All experience levels are welcome! Join us at Polaris Martial Arts and get started on weight loss, lean muscle gain, self-defense training, and a healthier lifestyle.

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Kids Martial Arts near Crete and Frankfort

Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga classes here in Crete are helping men and women all across the community learn effective self-defense skills and face life with more confidence than ever before. Learn more today!

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Superior Training

We're proud to have world champion instructors, a supportive and passionate community, and a safe training environment where kids and parents alike can enjoy learning Karate and Taekwondo together! We encourage our students to remain physically fit, maintain self-discipline, and spend the majority of each class on technique -- we want to provide high-quality instruction but also make sure that training is fun!

At Polaris Martial Arts, our goal is to teach you or your children the intricacies of Karate and Taekwondo while improving your confidence and instilling a powerful sense of purpose. Our instructors strive to uplift you, support you on and off the mats, and to help you become the best you can be.

If you're curious about Martial Arts training, we're happy to sit down and talk about how fitness, self-defense skills, unwavering confidence, and pure fun all come together to craft an incredible training experience.

Just fill out the short form below to reach out to our team about your interest in Martial Arts classes!

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Learn About the Services Polaris Martial Arts Offers

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Confidence & Self-Esteem

    By training in the martial arts, you'll develop unwavering confidence and heightened self-esteem. Karate and Taekwondo will give you the opportunity to live fearlessly in Crete, Frankfort or wherever life takes you.

  • Discipline & Self-Control

    Discipline & Self-Control

    Mastering each new technique and journeying from white belt to black belt requires perseverance and self-control, and the lessons you learn with us at Polaris Martial Arts will make a difference in all aspects of life.

  • Self-Defense


    The martial arts will prepare you to defend yourself in an emergency situation, both by giving you the fitness and techniques you'll need, but also by expanding your ability to recognize a dangerous situation.

  • New Friends & Mentors

    New Friends & Mentors

    When you train with us here at Polaris Martial Arts, you're getting more than just martial arts lessons. You're connecting with our community and meeting lifelong friends and mentors.



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