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Kids Martial Arts in Crete

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Build Confidence and Character with Our Kids Karate Program!

Give your child the action-packed Kids Karate classes at Polaris Martial Arts in Crete, and you're bound to witness an amazing transformation! From a new found passion for physical fitness, to steadfast discipline and unwavering self-confidence, our Kids Karate classes have so much to offer.

The goal of Polaris Martial Arts's Kids Karate classes is to make your child feel so good about themselves that they don't adhere to the peer pressures that meet our kids far earlier than they ever met us. We believe in building children's strength from the inside first - not tearing them down.

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Give Your Child A Kick Start With Karate In Crete!

With our Kids Karate classes, each student develops poise while improving their strength, balance, coordination and self-esteem. Our Kids program provides healthy, safe, fitness-focused classes that enhance student's positive attitude and academic performance.

Our Karate classes for Kids are packed with other great benefits for your kids, too! Just take a look:

  • Off-the-chart fitness levels for a strong, healthy body
  • Leadership skills and character development that will set your child apart from the crowd
  • Critical self-defense skills your child needs to handle bullies, peer pressure and more
  • Unbreakable concentration and focus that can lead to better grades in school

At Polaris Martial Arts in Crete, we believe in giving every child the best opportunity for success. Our world class instructors are there to help each student discover and achieve their individual attention.

Take Advantage Of Karate Classes For Your Child Now

At Polaris Martial Arts, we offer three age specific curriculums to help your child get started in martial arts as soon as possible. We develop your child in every aspect, not just their body. There is no age that can't benefit from the physical and mental benefits that martial arts can offer.

Tiny Tigers (Ages 4-6)

For kids ranging from 4-6 years old, our Tiny Tigers program is specifically designed as a foundational class for kids in Crete. We focus on listening skills and following directions while fostering a fundamental understanding of martial arts. We also use this program as a springboard into our Karate for Kids program when students reach age 7.

Karate For Kids (Ages 7-12)

Our Karate for Kids program is the #1 program for children's martial arts in Crete. The program is rigorously designed to provide social, physical, emotional, and attitudinal growth in each of student. Our curriculum works hand-in-hand with the family and school, offering improved self-discipline, self-control, perseverance, and goal-setting skills.

Teen Martial Arts (Ages 13-17)

Once your child graduates to our Teen program, we continue to foster an energetic and exciting environment. We create a safe and rewarding space for teenagers to continue to sharpen and master their skills. Teens need a place to become independent from their parents and be challenged to work towards their maximum potential. At Polaris Martial Arts, we encourage them to get involved with other teens who have similar goals and standards. This is a great way to keep accountability and increase social skills.

You're Not Going To Believe How Easy It Is To Get Started With Kids Martial Arts!

Our kids programs are great for kids of all ages across Crete, and Steger. Call today or fill out the easy-to-complete form on this page to receive all the information you need on how to get signed up for our incredible Kids Martial Arts classes today!

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Are Located In

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  • Frankfort

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